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Concrete Iron
Concrete iron is an iron frame that is used to strengthen concrete structures in buildings. Concrete steel, also known as steel concrete or rebar in English, adds to the flexural strength of concrete, so it is resistant to static and dynamic loads. Without rebar, the building concrete will be more prone to cracking when due to small shocks when a vehicle crosses it or it will break more easily during an earthquake.

The advantages of using Concrete Iron:
1. Help provide a foundation for a building to make it stronger and straighter according to construction
2. Can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for high rise buildings.
3. After becoming a building, the maintenance costs are quite low, so the efficiency obtained is quite high.
4. It has high structural strength, so that once built, it is very difficult to demolish it again.

Until the time it was written, concrete iron or concrete bone iron (BTB) consists of two types:

1. Plain Rebar. This concrete iron has a smooth and slippery surface. The cross section is smooth round. Concrete iron lacks the binding power of concrete castings. Plain rebar is easier to find and sell at retail. Plain concrete iron is flexible and easy to bend and has a minimum compressive resistance of 240 Mpa. The price is cheaper than screw iron. Plain concrete rebar is usually used to wrap and tie several cast iron bars in one concrete construction.

2. Deformed rebar. Concrete cast iron has protrusions like fins along its surface, so it has high bonding power with cast concrete. The shape of these fins is different for each manufacturer. This rebar is only sold in large volumes by distributors to contractors. Cast iron is less flexible and difficult to bend, making it difficult to install. The minimum compressive resistance of screwed concrete iron is 400 Mpa.

If you need concrete iron, please contact us at the telephone number that we put on our website so that it can be further explained.
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