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WF Iron

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Iron WF function
WF iron is usually used as a building frame material. ... This is what makes this material widely used for purposes of construction. As for several constructions that can use WF steel, including the construction of buildings, bridges, warehouses, and other buildings.
WF iron stands for Wide Flange, often used in steel construction, usually this material is sold in the form of bars with a length of 12 meters. WF iron is one that has very high strength in compressive strength or tensile strength. It is not surprising that WF iron is used as one of the structural elements with perfect boundaries to withstand loads and tensile, such as with axial tensile loads, axial compression. In fact, this iron has a high density so that it will not be too heavy in the load capacity but gives a more efficient form of the material structure or construction used.
Besi H Beam is a steel beam which in English terms is known as Hot Rolled (hot rolled). As the name suggests, this iron has a wide H shape and is often used in the construction of buildings, bridges, or others. Both have different pressures and functions.
In addition, the H Beam profile steel is equipped with the same width and ear dimensions but on WF iron, it becomes wider in the ear part. If the dimensions are 100 mm x 100 mm then this is the size of the H Beam profile, but if the dimensions are different for example 200 mm x 100 mm then this is classified as a WF profile. And H Beam iron can be used as a partner of WF profile steel and can be used as a column or pillar in building structures.
WF Iron Material
Of course, the WF iron raw material must not be made of something that is easily brittle. Because, according to its function, WF iron itself is used to support construction or heavy loads. If it is not sturdy, the object or construction it is supporting may collapse. In fact, WF iron is a steel block formed by a hot rolled process.
How and Tips for Choosing the Right WF Iron Seller
Although it is quite easy to find a building material seller that sells WF iron, you should be careful in choosing the right seller. Especially if the seller provides a price
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