CV. Dua Putra Petir

Woven Foil Alumunium

CV. Dua Putra Petir sells the best Aluminum Foil Woven in Surabaya at the lowest price. Aluminum Woven Foil is an insulating aluminum foil made of several layers of material, namely paper coated with aluminum foil and reinforced with polyester yarn or glass fiber yarn (srim), so it has a strong tensile strength and is not easily torn. You can see and compare various kinds of Aluminum Woven Foil products on our website with the most comprehensive price options. There are various kinds of Aluminum Woven Foil for all your needs of various types.

Aluminum Woven Foil serves as a reflective heat reflective heat caused by the sun from the roof covering of the house. Very widely used in residential buildings, because it is made of aluminum metalizer combined with woven or woven type materials, which have very high tensile strength.

For detailed information on both prices and product specifications of the Aluminum Woven Foil that we have, please contact

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