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CV dua putra petir are distributors for copper pipe products copper pipe roll pipe set AC already pipe fittings such as elbow connection pipe insulation connection either rod or sheet as well as AC spare parts such as freon AC wire welding AC and AC compressors all AC needs we are ready to serve his
For more detailed information about our products please contact our marketing number listed on the contact page for these products such as freon AC copper pipes both rod and roll and AC compressors and AC brackets can be sent to all corners of the city in Indonesia such as Papua Aceh Banten West Java Jakarta Central Java East Java Yogyakarta Bali West Nusa Tenggara East Nusa Tenggara West Kalimantan South Kalimantan East Kalimantan North Kalimantan Gorontalo West Sulawesi South Sulawesi Central Sulawesi North Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi we can also send to the islands of North Maluku West Papua and there are still many more places that we can send such as Bali-Banyuwangi Labuan Bajo and others remember the need for air conditioning means you remember the CV of two sons of lightning, the shopping place and the most complete and cheapest air conditioning needs in Surabaya

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