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Galvanized BRC Fence 120 x 240 5 mm

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13 Dec 2021
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Specification of Galvanized BRC Fence 120 x 240 5 mm

BRC fence is one type of fence that you need to use. This type of fence has been popular in various countries including Indonesia. Its main function is to cover the outdoor area of ​​your building. This fence is made of posts connected by boards, wire, rails and nets to form a solid fence.
This series of iron networks is horizontal with average sizes of 6 mm to 8 mm, the linkage of this circuit is almost similar to wiremesh, the difference is that it is more tenuous.
BRC stands for British Reinforced Concrete. This is one type of fence that is popular today. Its use is suitable for protecting outdoor areas of various buildings including homes, factories, offices, shop houses, and schools.
If you intend to use this fence, then first determine the type. The reason is, BRC Fences have various types that will differ in terms of price to quality of strength. Several types of BRC fences that you can find are:
- Hot dip
Hot dip is often referred to as HD. This type of BRC fence undergoes a process of immersion into a bath containing hot galvanizing at high temperatures. For this reason, this type of fence has high corrosion resistance. You can use it for years because it is durable and long lasting.
- Electro plating
This type of BRC fence received a designation in the project environment as EP. The manufacture of this fence involves an electrochemical process. One of the steps is to carry zinc particles by electric current so that they will stick to the fence. In this way, the galvanized layer attached to the fence becomes thinner when compared to the hot dip type fence. The resistance is not as good as and during the hit dip. However, this type of BRC fence has the advantage of being cheap. Therefore, you can save more costs when you have this type of fence.
BRC Fence : 120 x 240
Size : 5mm
Herry Gusmara
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Bukit Palma Blok C5 No.33 Citraland Utara
Surabaya Barat, Jawa Timur
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