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Besi Wiremesh M6 M8 M9 M10
Besi Wiremesh M6 M8 M9 M10
Besi Wiremesh M6 M8 M9 M10
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26 May 2020
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Specification of


Product Specifications:

Categories Of Iron Wire Mesh

Amount: Ready Stock

Shutdown & Shipping: Sheet

Country Of Origin: Indonesia We Sell Metal Wiremesh Of Various Sizes To Order

1. Metal Wiremesh M10: 9, 4 mm:

2. Iron Wiremesh M10: 9, 7 mm:


3. Metal Wiremesh M8: 7, 4 mm:

4. iron, Wiremesh M8: 7, 7 mm:

5. Metal Wiremesh M5: 4, 4 mm:

6. iron, Wiremesh M8: 4, 4 mm:

Price And Stock Is Not Bound, There Are Still Many Other Sizes, These Are Just Some Of Our Stock

If interested please contact us 0317406677

Cheap Wiremesh

Our Company Has Been Providing And Supplying All Kinds Of Steel Products For The Construction Industry And SOld ejak, we will continue to evolve with experience And a deep Understanding for many years in the steel industry And Product-in order to remain competitive and strengthen our position In the Global market.


Engaged in iron and Steel Trading And Engineering tools, Qualified Experience Has more than 10 years, Link and access the vast Business made us have to keep With innovation, Either Through Online Business Such As Our Flagship products Are:


Make Sure You Get Charged Just On Iron And Steel Products And Classy

We Are Happy To Help Complete All Requirements Of Your Iron And Steel.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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