WF 150X75X12M

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21 Sep 2021
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WF Iron

Specification of WF 150X75X12M

WF iron size 150 * 75 with a length of 12 m in Surabaya, the cheapest price and quality goods with the brand Gunung Garuda or GG kpss LS or imported from China
This 150 * 75 size WF iron is usually used for building construction both for poles and for column hookers in a warehouse, usually together with the WF steel CNP canal iron is usually also used for bridge construction because it is made of steel with ss400 or A36 steel quality so that its strength allows the maximum
CV two sons of lightning sells WF steel size 150 * 75 ready to be sent to all cities in Indonesia we are located in Surabaya, East Java and we also have branches in Jakarta and Kediri and Central Java to be precise in Brebes, Tonjong District
For those of you who need WF iron besides the size of 150 * 75 with a length of 12 meters we also have this WF steel we stock up to size 700
The weight of WF iron is 150 * 75, 12 meters long, which is 168 kg.How to calculate and how to buy WF iron usually uses the price per kg multiplied by the weight of WF iron, for example, if the current price per kg of WF iron is for example, Rp1,000 times 168 kg so one stick costs Rp168,000
Table of WF iron weight 150 * 75 * 12 meters, generally all using a weight of 168 kg, it has become a selling reference in all factories or distributors in Indonesia.
We have often supplied or supported the needs of WF steel to all cities in Indonesia and the contractors who have subscribed to us at this time we have collaborated a lot with several well-known contractors both private and state-owned for information about spec prices and details for WF Iron 150 * 75 * 12 m You can call our marketing number on the contact page
CV dua putra lightning is committed to providing the best service regarding WF 150 * 75 * 12 m iron sales services we provide quality products and competitive prices so that they are accepted by the market in Indonesia we are ready to help deliveries to the project location if you do not have our expedition acquaintances will provide advice and serve well
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