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CNP Channel Iron 75 x 45 x 1.5 mm x 6M

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13 Dec 2021
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Specification of CNP Channel Iron 75 x 45 x 1.5 mm x 6M

CNP iron is a steel product in the profile steel category that has a physical shape like the letter C in its cross section. In the Indonesian market, CNP iron is often referred to as CNP canal iron, purlin beam, C channel, lipped channel, and C profile. Thus, the names of CNP iron are indeed very diverse.
Channel C is made through a fabrication process from sheet iron plate and coil iron plate. The iron plate that will be processed into C channel iron will go through a cutting, forming, and pressing process until it has a cross section like the letter C. C channel usually has SPHC specifications or is made of black plate. Therefore, CNP iron is included in the flat product category, not long product.
CNP iron has various sizes depending on the needs of use. However, CNP 100, CNP 125, and CNP 150 are the most commonly used C channel sizes. The size of channel C has a standard length of 6 meters. Codes 100, 125, and 150 in the C channel size indicate the size of the CNP body width. While the size of the foot and ear height will follow. In addition to these sizes, CNP iron is also available in CNP 75 and CNP 200 sizes.
Body Width A : 68 mm
Leg height B : 32 mm
Ear C : 7 mm
L Length : 6.00 M
Weight : 9.08 Kg
CV. Dua Putra Petir is a company engaged in the iron and steel sector and as an iron supplier in Surabaya. We have served and collaborated with contractors and developers in various projects such as school buildings, factory construction, office construction, shophouse construction, mosque buildings as well as the construction or renovation of individual residences or government agencies in the Surabaya and East Java regions and can be sent to Eastern Indonesia and throughout remote cities in Indonesia.
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