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Specification of light brick floor panels Surabaya 0821 355 5559

Wall Plus Cheap Ways to Build a House.


Wallplus products have specifications of a combination of fibercement materials on the outer layer, EPS and Aggregate Concrete making Wallplus 65% lighter in weight than conventional bricks. In addition, this lightweight wall has 90% finishing so that it speeds up the installation process compared to conventional bricks

There are so many advantages that you will get if you use lightweight concrete panel products / wallplus lightweight precast walls both financially and time.

Bricks, Concrete and Building Materials

Fast installation ± 8x faster than conventional systems (installation of bricks), is an advantage for investors, especially for buildings that are chasing time.

Light load, using wallplus lightweight panels compared to traditional wall systems will reduce the load received by the building structure which will have a cost-reducing impact on the main structure.

This concrete / precast product which is 90% finished in fabricated products has a precise shape and an even layer, so this can save the cost of other additional raw materials.

Save space, with the thickness of the wallplus light panel which is thinner than conventional products, the wallplus light panel can increase the effective area by about 4-6%.

 thick and heavy

50mm = 44kg/m2

75mm = 57kg/m2

90mm = 62kg/m2

100mm = 70kg/m2

120mm = 95kg/m2

Leabr 610mm length 2440mm

Our vision is to provide speed and efficiency solutions for development projects.” Along with the times, the use of red bricks encountered various obstacles. Among them is the difficulty of obtaining raw materials for red bricks, namely clay, in addition to increasing public awareness of the risks of environmental damage arising from land extraction as well as the inefficiency of time and labor required in the process of building construction. That's why efficiency is absolutely necessary, including in the process of building construction

Wallplus is designed with a precise shape (2.44 m long, 0.61 m wide) and has two different sides (inside side and out side) as a connecting system. With a smooth, lightweight and sturdy surface, Wallplus can prevent mold growth, is termite resistant and can maintain temperature humidity from the heat of the sun.

QUICK, STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT Wallplus is stronger and more sturdy than the panels that have been there before and have been scientifically tested (internal structure of the material) which has the following advantages: STRONG, SOUND-PROOF. No practical columns Can be directly painted LIGHTWEIGHT WATER RESISTANT

Immediately contact CV. Dua Putra Petir for the purchase process.

Herry Gusmara

0813 1845 5559


Bukit Palma Blok C5 No.33 Citraland Utara

Surabaya Barat, Jawa Timur


wall plus a cheap way to build a house, light brick plus wall

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