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Spandek roof in Surabaya

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Spandek roof in Surabaya

Spandek roofs, which are included in one of the mild steel categories, are also widely called by the name zincalume roof or galvalume roof or also spandex corrugated roof because it is caused by the shape of the surface that is not flat or has waves.

The roof itself is made of a material composition consisting of 43.5 percent zinc, 55 percent aluminum and 1.5 percent silicon. The mixture of these three materials has succeeded in producing lightweight steel spandex roof which is very malleable, durable and also sturdy. In addition, this roof is very famous because it is made of the materials mentioned above which of course have many advantages, namely anti-porous, anti-break and anti-termite. This roof can also last an average of about 20 years.

This roof has high resistance to corrosion because it has a protective layer. On the surface of the roof, it is deliberately made in such a way that the paint can stick very easily so that the painting process takes place more effectively, efficiently and easily. In fact, there are also many light steel spandex roofs that are currently on the market that have various colors. The composition of the material that fits perfectly between the steel and zinc in this roof makes this roof has rust-resistant properties so that the appearance of the roof of a building or house can remain beautiful, durable and long lasting.

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